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Nembutal Sodium


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Nembutal, sterile solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection. A short‐acting barbiturate indicated as a sedative, hypnotic, preanesthetic and anticonvulsant. Chemical Name:  Pentobarbital Sodium; 5‐ethyl‐5‐(1‐methylbutyl) barbituric acid, and sodium salt.Chemical Family: Barbiturate and Formula: C11H18N203Na / C3H8O2 / C2H6O / H2O.Buy Nembutal Sodium Injection Online.nembutal for sale online.Medssupply.net is Your #1 Reliable Vendor of Nembutal sodium online

 Environmental Hazards:  Large quantities released to the aquatic and terrestrial environment have an adverse effect.nembutal for sale 2015

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The formula also contains Propylene Glycol, 40%; Alcohol, 10% and Water for Injection. Adjust pH to approximately 9.5 with Sodium Hydroxide and/or Hydrochloric Acid.nembutal for sale online 2015

Chemical Name

Pentobarbital Sodium  5%, Ethanol 10%, Propylene Glycol 40% and Water For Injection 45%. Explosion Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact and explosion Sensitivity to Static Discharge: Not sensitive

Indications for Ordering

Optimize drug therapy and monitor patient adherence. Preprocedural sedation, Reduction of elevated intracranial pressure and Refractory status epilepticus. Physiology: Short-acting barbiturate and Nonselective depression of the central nervous system (CNS). Including the sensory and motor cortexes and cerebellum.nembutal for sale online 2015

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Pentobarbital Sodium Injection, USP and Product Code: 25021-676.Common/Trade Name: Nembutal Sodium Solution and Chemical Name: 5-ethyl‐5‐(1‐methylbutyl) barbituric acid, sodium salt. Chemical Family: Barbiturate and Product Use: Pharmaceutical. Product Type: Regulated Prescription Drug and Container Information: Vials. Distributor: Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 1901 N. Roselle Rd, Suite 700 and Schaumburg, IL 60195, 847-908-1600.Nembutal for sale online 2015


Flammable liquids – Not Flammable and acute toxicity, Oral – Not Available. Acute toxicity, Inhalation – Not Available and acute toxicity, Dermal – Not Available. Reproductive toxicity – Not Available and specific target organ toxicity – – Not Available.nembutal for sale 2015


• Therapeutic range: Sedation – 1.0-5.0 µg/mL, Intracranial pressure therapy – 25.0-35.0 µg/mL and Coma – 10.0-50.0 µg/mL.

• Toxic range – >10.0 µg/mL and for an option to print dose information on a report. Dose – drug amount and units of measure. Route – route of administration (IV, oral, etc.) and dose frequency. Type of drawing – peak, trough, and random, etc.nembutal for sale online 2015

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